Southeast/South-Central Educational Cooperative


Southeast/South-Central Educational Cooperative is established to provide continuous, in-depth services, programs, and information on a regional, cooperative, cost effective basis to the school districts holding membership in the cooperative. As an educational cooperative in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Southeast/South-Central Educational Cooperative is governed by an Interlocal Cooperation Agreement and By-Laws.

Any school district or other entity or organization desiring to join SESC should first contact the Executive Director to discuss membership. SESC is always open to discussing new membership with interested parties, but there are prescribed procedures to follow.

According to the governing documents of the cooperative, other school districts may engage in this cooperative by the passage of a resolution complying with the conditions of the Interlocal Cooperation Agreement. A letter, signed by the district superintendent, expressing the desire to join the Cooperative must be submitted to the Executive Director.

Entities or organizations other than school districts desiring to become a member of the Cooperative may submit a request for membership to the Board of Directors for approval by simple majority vote, and if favorable, a determination of whether membership will be as a voting or nonvoting status.

SESC Executive Director David R. Johnson can be contacted by phone at 606-273-0883 or at [email protected].

Last Updated on December 3, 2015