Southeast/South-Central Educational Cooperative

About SESC

Southeast/South-Central Educational Cooperative was first established in 1990 as a part of the community outreach program of Eastern Kentucky University. After many years of successful partnership, SESC became an independent entity separate from the university on July 1, 2013.

SESC is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit service agency that provides professional learning and support services to 26 public school districts located in the southeast/south-central region of Kentucky. (These districts include Richmond Model, which operates under the authority of Eastern Kentucky University.) The districts are assigned to SESC by the Kentucky Department of Education to receive these services for their special education programs. Twenty-one of these districts also elect to receive professional learning services from SESC for their general education programs and pay membership fees based on their enrollment. The 24-member Board of Directors is composed of the superintendents of these 26 districts, along with representatives from two colleges/universities from the SESC service region who have also chosen to be members of the cooperative.

According to the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC), all 16 of the counties in which SESC districts are located are classified as being within the Appalachian region. SESC serves more than 5,300 teachers in 178 schools spread over approximately 6,500 square miles. There are approximately 81,000 students in SESC-member schools, of which 70% participate in the federal Free/Reduced Lunch Program.

Southeast/South-Central’s staff includes Executive Director, L. Kay Dixon,  staff also consists of a Regional Director of Special Education and a Professional Learning Coordinator, each of whom have extended years of experience in similar positions in school districts, and multiple consultants with many years of classroom, administrative, and consulting experience. Office and business staff includes a Business/Accounting Manager and Staff Support Secretary.

Mission Statement – Empowering and Elevating Education


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By 2020, SESC will be recognized as Kentucky’s leading educational cooperative in effective and efficient support services that allow its member districts to successfully educate all of their students. SESC will deliver services that are data-driven, evidence/research-based, and customer-focused throughout the region through a variety of delivery methods, including face-to-face and technology-based. Our coop will be known for its innovation, expertise, and outstanding customer service. We will be proactive in projecting potential barriers and solutions on behalf of our districts. SESC will be the “first call” by its customers when there is a need for assistance. Simply put, we will be the best at what we do.

SESC staff will be highly competent and professional in manner and communication. Our consultants will be well trained in their fields of services, experts in best practices in adult education, and problem solvers focused on the individual needs of our districts. We will seek out and respond to feedback appropriately and accurately in order to continuously improve the services we provide.

SESC will advocate and promote educational excellence in our region in order to support economic growth, improved quality of life, and an educated citizenry through the use of media and direct communications. Our coop will develop strong partnerships and collaborate with other educational institutions and agencies and other relevant groups within the region and state focused on helping our districts succeed. SESC will be a strong and positive presence recognized across the Commonwealth.

SESC will promote and recognize excellence in its members and in its own staff. The coop will support superintendents, administrators, and teachers in their efforts to grow professionally through individualized and shared growth opportunities, such as cadres, book studies, etc.

SESC will operate in a manner that is ethical and legal. It will be known for its high expectations of self and accountability to others. Each staff member will be valued and respected. In summary, SESC will be a coop of which we can all be proud, either as a member or an employee.

Last Updated on March 8, 2022